Wednesday, 24 October 2018

my calendar art

my carnival art and craft plan

Name: Liam
Carnival Craft/Art

Your task is to design and make a piece of craft or art that we hope you will buy back at the Frankley Carnival.
Who am I making it for?
Me my mum and dad

  • $5 maximum price
  • Cheapish to make
  • Smallish in size
  • Make something you will be proud of

Questions you may have:

Before you start making, you will need to submit a plan on what you want to make. Use the template below. This is to ensure your product will be of as high quality as possible.

Carnival Craft/Art Plan

My name:
My idea (describe):
A light out of a battery
Find an image that might match what it looks like:
Resources I need:
A battery,tape,wire,mini light bulb,paint,led lights and wood
Approximate price I might buy it back for:

Trip to Plimmington

It was the day, the day we went on a road trip. My whole family came so we packed our bags with excitement, then we left.

We were in our car and i sat down and heard a crunch!! It was brothers salt covered chip from last week. My mum herd the crunch and she said what in hell's teeth was that i said nothing clutching and sweating inside my body. thankfully she said she said i didn't really care anyway so we kept on driving.

we stopped at the petrol station aka petrifying station and i got a up&go and 6 juicy southern chicken nuggets. We also got a box of wheat-bites cereal and then we were on the go.

After half an hour i had an idea and i put a weet bix in my mouth and siped some up&go and softly crunched up the weet bite then swouloded and tasted delishos.

We were halfway there so i gobbled up with bites and devoured the up&go then i was full as a bull.

after 1 painfully boring hour we had arrived at our destination i was bursting with happiness at last we are here so i sprint as fast as a lightning bolt i opened the door and i ran to the biggest bed and bedroom and screamed and shouted this bedroom is all mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i ran out of breath and fell on the comfortabal floor then my idiot brothers came in and said get out! and throw me in the dusty stinky disgusting tiny room and the bed was only the size of a single bed but smaller. I thought to myself “god damn it” i could punch them square in the nose. So i unpacked my bag and thought i would get used to the ugly room any way i was on my phone on my bed for like 2 hours and looked at the time it was

4.00 pm i took a nap Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suddenly i was having a bad dream and woke up and it was

6.30 the game started in one hour!!!! We haven't got any tickets yet but then mum said don't worry we brought them when you were asleep i said immediately why didn't you wake me!!!!! Then she said you were too cute to wake up so we had to go get them. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said in anger! anyway i stomped to my room and slammed the door.

20 horrid mins later
we got in the car and went to the train station. 2 kind men said wait over here so we waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited waited and finally the train arrived. It came in with a loud SCREECH!!!!!! It was so loud my ears were blocked! Then it stopped there were literally 5000 people on it no wonder the train was so long. thank god there were five seats ready waiting for us so we sprinted to the seats we got there and then the train started up and we were on the go.

30 boring minutes later we arrived at wellington then we walked to the game it was 1k i was exhausted then we came up to some people selling go all blacks and all the other cheering words for free so we got some and on the back you could right something to cheer them on so i write BLOODY GOOD TRY!!!!!!!!!! Then we walked to the stadium and there were 10 people in a line saying tickets so we gave them our tickets to scan and we got through. Then we went into the inside of the stadium it was chock a block there were millions of people so we went to a

cafe and obviously had to get coffee's for my parents then i saw Dunking donuts i bursted into happiness i ran to their truck and said mum can i please get a 10 pack pretty please and she said sure so i said to the man could i please have a ten pack he said you sure can i grabbed it of his hands and said thank youuuu then we rushed to the

outside stadium and there was 9 seats free and no one sat in them plus we were 3 rows back from the front and the game started. I was slowly eating my donuts they were so soggy,squishy and loaded sugar after eating all of them it was half time. There was so much sugar in the donut packet and on the count of three i inhaled it 3…..2…..1…..go!!! Hhhhhhhh delishios.

Me and my dad went to get some drinks and food we went to the food court inside and got some chips and fanta we came back and the game had started. come on dad i'm coming said dad we ran down the steps to our seats just in time for the game. I gobbled up my chips and ate my extremely juicy hot pie. The chips were flooded with salt and so crispy
And the pie was the yummiest pie in the whole universe. I was so thirsty from all of the sodium in the pastry and the chips. I drank half of the fanta i really needed to go to the toilet.

I ran to the toilet and and slammed open the door 2 mins later i was finished i thought to myself few ff that feels way better now anyway i made my way outside where the game was then all of a sudden there were 5 people and said would you like to be on camera and i screamed inside my head trying not to let out all of the excitement and they took 2 photos and 1 video of me saying that the all blacks rule i had never been this nervous in a year.

Then they left and i ran back to the game then i found my family and ran to them and they said the game is finished wait we're doing the Mexican wave yeah mum said its because the all black won yay!!!!!!  Here it comes WWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW 20 secs later WWOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW. Awww it stopped any way let's go home.

We were on the train and we had to stand but i got a chair, i took a nap Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz Liam wake up were at our house mum said so i pounced onto my bed and went to sleep Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The end………...dun dun dun



Did you know that foxes have whiskers on their legs and as well on their face which helps them to find things!!!!

A foxes habitat is mainly around the areas of Forests,Grasslands,Mountains,deserts and Farms.

Here is a pie chart of what foxes eat

The mother fox makes her home and mates from January to march. She has her babies in April and may. The daddy brings food home for mummy while she looks after her babies. She has 1 to 10 babies. When they are seven they leave their mum.


That Foxes have excellent hearing. Red foxes can hear a watch ticking 36.5 meters away!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

My Anzac W.I.T

This is my Anzac art work i put a lot of effort into this Anzac art work. Our W.I.T is based on the Anzac Gallipoli World War I War. New Zealand and Australia helped out turkey because the German were trying to take over turkey.

My wit art work

This is my artwork that i did with kiahn. The style of our artwork was impressionism. We used a canvas to do our artwork on. Our name of our artwork is TARANAKI VIEW we named our artwork that because the mountain represents taranaki and it is an amazing view. We both are very proud of what we have made. We have made progress and team work to accomplish this wall worthy task.

The message I am telling is live a peaceful future